Sunday, October 30, 2005

A rousing SUCCESS!

Yes, it was. Our annual Halloween Party went off without a hitch. It lasted until 3am (technically 4 because of the time change) Here are the gory details - will probably end up being my longest blog entry ever...

The Food
The gallon and a half of Chili I made was gone by midnight! We also had, chips and cheese dip, brownies, witches hat cookies (similar to these -, and Monster toes with circus peanuts and sliced almonds. Plus, mixed nuts, the obligatory halloween candy, and marshmallows to roast on the fire!

The "Drinks"
We had 3 batches of Jello shots made with PGA, a case of Bud Light, Hot Spiced Punch with Bacardi Select on the side for mixing (the punch - "Hot Apple Cider Punch #1" from - only lasted until about 10 o'clock. Note to self: Make 3 batches next time!). Several people also brought their own drinks - crown royal, several different kinds of beer, and a couple other things I heard about but didn't see...

The Decor
Scott went above and beyond the call of duty in the decorations department! We got some PVC pipe and black plastic and created a private room off the back patio. We borrowed Richard's fire pit, and set up a TON of lighting outside - a string of Happy Halloween lights, a spider lantern, a beer light, some red lights, a Frankenstein Jackolantern, and a ton of tea light/tin can luminaries. We had the stereo outside playing some techno and creepy delights like TypeO negative and Concrete Blonde. Scott borrowed a huge garbage bag full of skulls and and dead decaying body from a friend who makes Horror movies. We had creepy music going on the front porch and a murdered skeleton sitting in my pretty garden chair. Three more Jack-o-lanterns and a blacklight tombstone that says "Monster Party Here" were also sitting on the front porch. Holly and I spent about 1/2 an hour covering everything with fake spider web (which glows really NEAT in blacklight!), which is kinda funny when you figure Scott and I spent the last two weeks cleaning the house top to bottom to get RID of the cobwebs!

The Characters
We had quite an array of characters in and out all night. I was the beer fairy complete with crooked wings and earrings and necklace made from old beer bottle caps (made the wings myself and - though crooked as hell - they turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself!). Holly came as a midieval princess and Kenny was a King in matching cloak! Angie and Raymond came as a 50's girl and her biker boyfriend. We also had an angel and a devil, a king and fairy couple, a prisoner with his fortune teller, a dominatrix, and even Captain Morgan made a special appearance!

Special Thanks to:
Scott - firstly for just being you, but also for busting your ass for two days making sure everything was perfect and dealing with my neurotic ass, for keeping things running smoothly so I could really kick back and enjoy myself (like you always do), and most of all for your selflessness in putting aside your own feelings to make sure that everyone was included in the festivities. I love you.
My Mom - for keeping me SANE, giving us a buttload of fire wood, and for coming to help me clean up after preparing all the food, and helping make witches hats and monster toes!
Holly - for helping me decorate and telling me to "CALM DOWN" all day Saturday! You are my heart and soul, I love you and it wouldn't have been the same without you there last night!
Richard - for letting us borrow your fire pit, and keeping us all entertained, and Carolyn for getting you home safely! Thanks "big brother" - I feel honored to be in your herd!
Jimmy - For letting us borrow the bad-ass movie props. The ambiance wouldn't have been the same without them!

The Aftermath
Though I managed to get the kitchen relatively cleaned up, there's still garbage that needs to go out, dishes to be washed, backyard to be cleaned up, and general cleaning that still needs to be done. Most of that will wait until Monday, today, I have declared a "day of rest", much needed after a LONG night of serious fun - not to mention the exhausting days of preparation before! The dogs seem to be a bit on the worn out side too. It was a rough night for them, barking and running around underfoot. At the height of the party, they spent a couple hours in the bedroom relaxing in their blankies, only to come out in full force again around one o'clock. They're very needy today and sleepy - probably glad to have some peace and quiet...I certainly am. Overall, I must say it was probably the best party I've ever been to - I MAY be biased - but for today, I will just have to believe it was the best party EVER!

And now for some photos:

Your Host and the Beer Fairy

Front porch

The Backyard

Friends & Fiends