Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ars longa, vita breva...

Well, last night I put the final coat on my countertop. It's looking fantastic, and I've ALMOST got the kitchen put back together. Still waiting until tomorrow morning to put the dish drainer and appliances back on the counter. I finally found THE phrase and painted it above the doorway of the kitchen. I started by printing out the words in outline format in Adobe Illustrator. Then I lined them up and taped them all together. Next, I took a piece of artist's charcoal and rubbed it over the outlines on the backside of the paper. I hung the strip of words over the doorway to the den in the kitchen and used a pencil to trace over the outlines, creating a carbon copy on the wall. Then I painted the words using a fine tipped brush and some black acrylic paint. Unfortunately, the paint was thin and it took two coats, but it has a nice hand painted quality to it. Looks fantastic - if I do say so myself.

I also covered an old cardboard tootsie roll tube with scrapbooking paper to match the kitchen. It's what we use to keep loose change in. Looks like the kitchen is pretty near finished now. Not sure what I'm going to do with myself next. I'm still in makeover mode - so who knows what I'll come up with next. I should probably be cleaning the studio so that I'll have somewhere to work on my next project, but what fun would that be???

Art is long, life is short... play hard!


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Does the world know that 2005 was the peak of blogs? Particularly, the blog trend as solid as "the world" thinks, believes? Faith? dissonance? = cognitive dissonance?

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