Thursday, June 02, 2005

All over the map today

Yeah, so I'm 957 dollars poorer today than I was Monday... We had to have the brakes done on both cars, and Scott (who has been driving without brakes for the past month) completely BURNT out the ass end of the Mazda. Guess now that we paid almost 600 bucks to have it fixed, he'll be driving it from now until the end of time!

Found a new obsession (chain maille thing didn't last long did it?)! I went to a local craft show and a woman was making faux stone pieces out of ceiling tiles and vintage prints. Her prices were VERY reasonable, but it was obvious that she didn't put too much time/effort into her work. I went to Lowe's on Monday to buy ceiling tiles and did a piece with a vintage pin-up coke girl for the kitchen. It turned out great, but I need to get some thin wooden strips to affix to the back so I can add eye hooks and a picture wire. I think those will be my Christmas gifts this year - portraits in stone...

So, Deep Throat has been revealed. I think I may have been the last person on the planet to know. And now that I'm hearing the story, I'm thinking Big Fucking Deal... Yes, he gave info that was critical to Nixon's downfall, and the exposure of corruption in the government. I guess I just wonder what is the point in "coming out" now? Is he a hero? Is he a traitor? Who the hell cares, he's a 91 year old decrepit man who wanted to get a buttload of money out of Vanity Fair before he died (still not clear on whether they agreed to pay him or not... Everything that I've seen says no). In the grand scheme of things, it's almost disappointing - finding out - I've always liked a good mystery...

We're still hearing in the local news about the adoption story that came out last week - I believe I briefly mentioned it in a previous blog. Here's the deal - girl gives child up to a nice couple for adoption, biodad finds out and wants to take the child. News media acts like this guy is satan incarnate for wanting his child and keeps bitching about the fact that he's behind on some child support payments. While the situation must be DEVASTATING to the adoptive couple, I'm not hearing a word about what an irresponsible bitch the biomom was to place this child without going through the proper legal channels! I AM a bio mom, I HATE that these are the type of news stories (exposure) that adoption gets. People wonder why there's always such a damned stigma attached to it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is why! Because the media and television need something juicy, they aren't interested in profiling adoptions that are successful and wonderful experiences for everyone involved. We always see movies of the week where the birthmother changes her mind, or is trying to sell her child, or some poor suspecting adoptive family gets taken by a baby broker. As long as this shit is perpetuated like it is, adoption will NEVER be seen in the positive light that it should be - and that just pisses me off.

And that my friends, is what's rolling around in my brain today...


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