Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I <3 Metal!

Recently, I was perusing a crafting website, and came across a number of people who were making chain maille. So I decided to give it a try. Truthfully, I was hoping to get into it and whip out a shirt for Scott for next Christmas, however, having tried my hand at it, and knowing that I am an instant gratification kind of girl - Not happening.

I did, however, freshen up my jewelry inspiration portfolio - of sorts. I'm sure that like anything else I start, I'll be COMPLETELY obsessed with it until I'm so burnt out that I can't bear to look at another metal ring for at least a year... But that's just who I am.

Check 'em out (provided photobucket isn't on the fritz):

Celtic Flower detail

Dragon Tail Chain & Completed Bracelet


Blogger Nancy said...

love the celtic jewelry!!!

4:44 AM  

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