Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The GOOD: I did some freelance side work for my boss a few weeks ago. He said he'd pay me, but I didn't really expect anything for it. Well today he hands me an envelope and tells me this is what I owe you on that project. Well I expected that it might be 50 bucks or so... Nope... 200! WOOHOO! My boss is the MAN - I love working for him.

Found a cute new outfit today, black pants with big hibiscus flowers, a blue sleeveless vneck shirt, and a pair of white sandals (SO comfy!).

The BAD: Have been fighting with my camera/computer connection for the past day or so. For some reason my computer is not recognizing the usb port that the camera is hooked to. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, downloading a driver (but there IS no XP driver for my camera, it's supposed to just automatically be in there). Don't know what I'm going to do because there are some pics on the camera that I NEED to take off!
It's 95 degrees in the shade here today. Humidity must be at 110%.
The UGLY: Well, MJ was found not guilty on all counts. Amazing what money can do for you. It's unfortunate that the prosecutions main witness (victims mother) turned out to be such a flake. I imagine there will be TONS of people in coming years who won't get the closure that they so desperately need in order to move on with their lives. The whole thing just makes me sick.


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